Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review of Lava Iris 504Q

                               My review:-

Build Quality:
After using the the phone for couple of Months now. i can say that it clearly resembles HTC Buttefly from the front. the overall build quality is very good and its amazingly slim with light weight.Thanks to the OGS rating for build quality will be 4.5 out of 5 stars.

After using the camera i am really disappointed with the quality of the photos. Although its a 8 mpx camera with many features (BSI sensor) but i must say that its not upto the camera performance is not very bad but not very good as well..I could record 1080P videos and HDR pictures but they seemed to be overall i can say its kind of ok for normal use.Donot expect great pictures or camera experience with the phone.
my rating is 3 out of 5

I think the phones comes with some kind of sound enhancement option like the beats audio in HTC which is actually great..i was able to use some universal 3.5 mm headphones with no issues.
so its great.

I feel that MTK 6589 is a very popular processor in the budges android phones with a 1.2 Ghz Quad core processor. So till now in this Iris 504q i did not felt any Lags or Less to No i am a heavy user(more than 250 apps installed) still very less lags were felt.Ram was enough for heavy HD games as well .
so my rating is 4.5 out of 5.

(2000 Mah Li-Ion NOT Li-Po as mentioned on LAVA website).
As i use WIFI all the time with lil bit of voice calls , some sms, playing games and also listening to music most of the times...i also do video playback on it.after this much of usage the battery was able to survive 19-24 hrs till it was out of power.
As i had an mmx device and the battery was more or less same.
it does not give that great battery backup but it is acceptable.It could have been better.
My Rating 4 out of 5.

The benchmarks were also as usual for an MTK 6589 processor.
Antutu :12979
Quadrant standard: 3989
Nenamark :46 fps.
Multi touch : 5 point

Gesture Support:-
As this phone has Gesture support. So you can see gestures working in Gallery, Camera(Clicking Images), Fm-Radio (For changing Stations), and in Music player(For changing Tracks). Although its a great feature but i personally font like the feature so much as sometimes without intention to change tracks or capture image it does that by itself. also in the night it is not so stable.

The over all jelly bean 4.2 O.S in the phone is quite stable and fluid. It has many software enhancements like the gestures in gallery, camera, music player and the Fm Radio. but it is not that great sometimes it is not that accurate.
Other software enhancements like added themes and option to change UI color from the settings are great.

So overall at the price of Rs 13,499 it is a great buy with many accessories in the box like Flip cover, Screen protector, OTG cable all  this is great..
Anyone who is confused of looking in this range go for this phone for sure!!!

1. Great Design (Thin and Light).
2. Looks Sturdy.
3. Amazing Sound.
4. Fair Camera.
5. Great for Gaming.
6. Less to No Lags.
7. Some software Bugs.
8. Battery backup is Good.



  1. No, camera quality is very good. You can see some shots in my profile:

    1. Ok good that it is satisfactory for you..personally all piks taken by me are too GRAINY..i dont like it..