Friday, November 1, 2013

How to unbrick your phone Iris 504Q and also GAIN BACK WARRANTY:-


1.Make one folder on u r DESKTOP copy all necessary files.

2.First unrar VCOM drivers and install the driver till it comes dat it installed successfully

3.Then unrar sp flash tools and lava  file

4.Open sp flash tools(Flash_tool.exe) 


5.Go in file tab and click on open scatter file

6.Now browse to the file which u unrared and select MT6589_scatter txt file

7.All things inside the file will load up

8.Now click on Firmware-->upgrade and it will search for the device

9.Now switch off ur phone (REMOVE BATTERY) and connect it with pc through usb cable.(WITHOUT BATTERY)

10.The tool automatically detects ur phone and starts d procedure

11.First a red line will come den after few seconds blue lines will load up den yellow and etc

12.When a green circle will come saying upgrade finished,just close that and d tool too.

13.Remove usb cable and switch on ur phone it will Boot up with all stock features.

14 After that follow d procedure and setup ur phone.

15 Now u  can enjoy ur stock rom for warranty purposes and also for UNBRICKING IT!!!!

16.Enjoy and if any doubts ask me!!!!!  

(This folder has all files)