Sunday, November 10, 2013

Finally OTA available for Lava Iris 504Q

Finally we saw an Update OTA for Lava Iris504q by LAVA.
Note:- You need to be UnROOTED and on STOCK Recovery to Successfully Update your device.

Steps to UPDATE:-
1.Go to Settings
2. Click on About Phone
3. Tap Software Update
4. Check for Updates.
5. It should prompt you to download the Update file. (~59 MB).
6. It will reboot and update the Phone.


Manually update by:-

Note:- You need to be on Stock Recovery and Rom.(Did not tried on Custom Rom)

1. Download the file UPDATE.ZIP (Download links Below)
2. Put in Root of Internal/External SD card.
3. Go to settings
4. Click on About Phone > Software Update and it will Prompt you with the file
5. Click Update.
6. It will start updating u r Device.
7. Done!

Download Link:-

I didn't notice any MAJOR changes its a minor update.(Nothing notisable though)

1. Updates several apps
2. Little Performance improvement.
3. Little Battery improvement.
4. Build Number Changed.5/20 to 8/12.
5. SMS bug seems to be FIXED.



  1. After updating the build no. not changed to 8/12

  2. Hey bro when I asked lava for android 4.4 update for 504Q they said that "Android Kitkat 4.4 is not compatible with the chipset provided in Lava iris 504q"
    is that true?

  3. Can you please give me the stock recovery image

  4. Hi Manik,

    I have tried updating this zip several times but only ends up with an error. I had rooted my phone so also installed the factory image without root but still the same.

    Please help.

    Thank you in advance

    1. No solution yet.I ll figure it out once i gt my phone back..

  5. After updating the build no. not changed to 8/12 and i have tried 4 to 5 times, what's the solution for this?

    1. Copy the zip file to SD card and then update....It will definitely work!!!!

  6. build number didn't get changed. instead after updating, the languages disappeared from the settings. now it shows only english. i was using Hindi language for menu.

  7. My wifi will turn of wen i lock the phone i hv tried through settings increase speed but it turns off wat to do any suggestions

  8. Hi ...
    In im iris 504q wen i look my cell r display sleep wifi ill stop wrking wen i open it the it ill com and load wat to do .... Any suggestion .....i have tried through settings wifi advance but it wont wrk