Tuesday, November 12, 2013

CTR v1.1 Recovery for Lava Iris 504Q (CWM TOUCH BUTTONS

New Recovery!:) :) :)
Hey guys i present to you all a new CWM based Carliv Touch Recovery for Lava itis 504Q ported by me

-Has Touch Buttons
-Has Aroma File Manager
-Based on CWM recovery.
-More oprions

How to Flash:-
1. Download and install Mobile uncle tools.
2. Device should be rooted.
3. Copy the recovery.img to u r root of SD CARD.
4. Open mobile uncle tools
5. Click on Recovery Update.
6. Choose this recovery.img
7. Done!

Note Take a CWM backup..I am not responsible for any Damages.!



Me :) (For porting and Testing it for lava iris 504q)
yuweng(Great porting tool)
carliv(Original dev)
Original thread for portingLink

[ROM] JB 4.2 Stock Lava Iris 504Q ROM 5/20 BUILD.(CWM FLASHABLE)

Stock JB 4.2.1 provided by LAVA based custom Rom for LAVA iris 504Q.... 
This custom ROM is blazing fast and bug free....

* Completely Stock JB 4.2.1
* Pre-Rooted
* SuperSU added
* Busybox support
* Removed Bloatwares (Apps which can be downloaded from play store..... to free system storage space)
* Init.d support
* Based on 5/20 Build
* Completely De-odexed, ( For theming and Editing... )
* Zipaligned, better ram usage
* Removed boot sound
* No tweaks, Completely stock

NOTE : ROM Devs, Feel free to use this as base ROM... Just give a link to this thread.and HIT THANKS.

1. Put the ZIP into the ROOT of External/Internal SD Card
2. Go to CMW Recovery
3. Wipe Data
4. Wipe Cache
5. Wipe System
6. Wipe Dalvik Cache
7. Select Install From SD (Internal or External)
8. Select the zip file and Select YES
9. If in CWM select OK
10. Wipe Dalvik cche and Cache again
11. Reboot Your System

I Will Not Be Responsible For Any Brick or Any Problem.....So Flash At Your Own Risk. This ROM only flashes System & Data partitions and DOES NOT change anything else so chances of brick are 0 but still, please keep CWM Backup ready which will be used if you find issues in the ROM so that you can revert

Download Links:-


All kind of support is appreciated but not expected.... 

Monday, November 11, 2013

4.4 Kitkatify your Android Device -The Easy Way!

Well we all have heard about the upcoming Google's Android 4.4 KitKat. It is scheduled to be shipped with the Nexus 5 and many other Nexus range of devices. As i am not sure that other companies will give their products this 4.4 update and also how long we need to wait. But Still i am going to tell you how can you change transform your android device running on JB 4.1, 4.2 or 4.3 into Android 4.4 KitKat like feel.I am going to explain step by step with APK links how to install it.

Only Brain!

1. Google Experience Launcher

1. Download this zip file Launcher Kitkat
2. Extract all the 3 APK files
3. Transfer them into your device.
4. Install them one by one by tapping them.
5. Simply click on home to select your new launcher.

2. Hangouts

Download it and install as Normal APK.
Hangouts V2

3. Email

Download and install as Normal APK.
Email 4.4 Kitkat

4. Calender

Install it as normal APK.
Calender file

5. Camera & Gallery

Download and install as normal Apk.

6. Google Maps.

Install as normal APK.
Kit Kat maps

7. Quickoffice

Install as Normal APK.
Quick Office Kitkat

8. Clock

Install as Normal APK.
Deskclock 4.4

9. Play Books & Play Games

Install as Normal APK.
Play Books 4.4
Play Games

Have Queries or Questions please write a comment in the comment section below!.

Source:- Addictive Tips

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review of Lava Iris 504Q

                               My review:-

Build Quality:
After using the the phone for couple of Months now. i can say that it clearly resembles HTC Buttefly from the front. the overall build quality is very good and its amazingly slim with light weight.Thanks to the OGS technology.my rating for build quality will be 4.5 out of 5 stars.

After using the camera i am really disappointed with the quality of the photos. Although its a 8 mpx camera with many features (BSI sensor) but i must say that its not upto the mark..so camera performance is not very bad but not very good as well..I could record 1080P videos and HDR pictures but they seemed to be blurred..so overall i can say its kind of ok for normal use.Donot expect great pictures or camera experience with the phone.
my rating is 3 out of 5

I think the phones comes with some kind of sound enhancement option like the beats audio in HTC which is actually great..i was able to use some universal 3.5 mm headphones with no issues.
so its great.

I feel that MTK 6589 is a very popular processor in the budges android phones with a 1.2 Ghz Quad core processor. So till now in this Iris 504q i did not felt any Lags or Less to No lags..as i am a heavy user(more than 250 apps installed) still very less lags were felt.Ram was enough for heavy HD games as well .
so my rating is 4.5 out of 5.

(2000 Mah Li-Ion NOT Li-Po as mentioned on LAVA website).
As i use WIFI all the time with lil bit of voice calls , some sms, playing games and also listening to music most of the times...i also do video playback on it.after this much of usage the battery was able to survive 19-24 hrs till it was out of power.
As i had an mmx device and the battery was more or less same.
it does not give that great battery backup but it is acceptable.It could have been better.
My Rating 4 out of 5.

The benchmarks were also as usual for an MTK 6589 processor.
Antutu :12979
Quadrant standard: 3989
Nenamark :46 fps.
Multi touch : 5 point

Gesture Support:-
As this phone has Gesture support. So you can see gestures working in Gallery, Camera(Clicking Images), Fm-Radio (For changing Stations), and in Music player(For changing Tracks). Although its a great feature but i personally font like the feature so much as sometimes without intention to change tracks or capture image it does that by itself. also in the night it is not so stable.

The over all jelly bean 4.2 O.S in the phone is quite stable and fluid. It has many software enhancements like the gestures in gallery, camera, music player and the Fm Radio. but it is not that great sometimes it is not that accurate.
Other software enhancements like added themes and option to change UI color from the settings are great.

So overall at the price of Rs 13,499 it is a great buy with many accessories in the box like Flip cover, Screen protector, OTG cable all  this is great..
Anyone who is confused of looking in this range go for this phone for sure!!!

1. Great Design (Thin and Light).
2. Looks Sturdy.
3. Amazing Sound.
4. Fair Camera.
5. Great for Gaming.
6. Less to No Lags.
7. Some software Bugs.
8. Battery backup is Good.


Finally OTA available for Lava Iris 504Q

Finally we saw an Update OTA for Lava Iris504q by LAVA.
Note:- You need to be UnROOTED and on STOCK Recovery to Successfully Update your device.

Steps to UPDATE:-
1.Go to Settings
2. Click on About Phone
3. Tap Software Update
4. Check for Updates.
5. It should prompt you to download the Update file. (~59 MB).
6. It will reboot and update the Phone.


Manually update by:-

Note:- You need to be on Stock Recovery and Rom.(Did not tried on Custom Rom)

1. Download the file UPDATE.ZIP (Download links Below)
2. Put in Root of Internal/External SD card.
3. Go to settings
4. Click on About Phone > Software Update and it will Prompt you with the file update.zip.
5. Click Update.
6. It will start updating u r Device.
7. Done!

Download Link:-

I didn't notice any MAJOR changes its a minor update.(Nothing notisable though)

1. Updates several apps
2. Little Performance improvement.
3. Little Battery improvement.
4. Build Number Changed.5/20 to 8/12.
5. SMS bug seems to be FIXED.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

How to Easily Download APK files from Google Play on PC.

By default Google Play will not allow you to download apk files from Play Store on your PC. But thanks to an Android app Developer, Evozi, who has made a one-click online APK download app that will allow you to easily download the APK file of any Android app that’s listed on the Google Play store. You can access the Downloader at apps.evozi.com.

To get started just visit apps.evozi.com and after that there you have to enter the web URL of the app which you want to download from Google Play and click on the “Generated Download Link” button. After that the Downloader will fetch the required APK file from Google Play stores and will give you the download link to download the file.

Note that, this app will only download those apps which are available free of cost on Google Play Store.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

How to Install Clock Work MOD Recovery On Lava IRIS 504Q


1. Sp Flash Tool
2. Recovery.img
3. MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt (only use this one. it is modified.)

Very Easy & safe way to FLASH CWM RECOVERY Without having PC


1. Downlaod CWM Recovery extract it and copy recovery.img only to root of your SD Cards
{ i.e. sdcard/recovery.img or sdcard2/recovery.img }

2: download Mobile Uncle Tools for MTK http://d-h.st/yco and install it as normal apps

3. Now open Mobile Uncle Tools apps you recently installed.

4. grant Superuser permissions

5. There click on recovery update menu

6. Then click on the recovery image name of ‘ recovery.img ’

7. Let the app install the recovery. after that apps ask you for reboot your device in to recovery?. press yes

Download: CWM for Lava Iris 504Q

Download: Sp Flash Tools For Mediatek phones

Download: MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt

Instructions for flashing using SP Flash Tools:
1. Install drivers for your phone MT65XX Drivers
2. Copy recovery.img and scatter file in new same folder
3. Extract and open the SP Flash Tools.
4. In SP Flash Tools, click on Scatter-Loading and the program will ask you the location of the scatter loading file for your device select mt6589 scatter file.txt
5.Check only recovery.img, uncheck all others. (will be checked auto)
6. Switch off your phone (Remove the battery to make sure it is switched off).
7. Click the Download option (present on the right of Firmware
> Upgrade option) and the flash tool will start looking for your phone.
8. Put Battery and Connect usb to your phone now. The Flash Tool will start the flashing process, the progress of which can be viewed from a yellow progress bar at the bottom of the flash tool.
Warning 1 - Don't interrupt this process as it can potentially brick your device.
Warning 2 - Make sure no power interruption takes place. (Use a laptop to ensure this).
9. After the process completes, a green ring will appear on your device signalling that the process was successful.
10.Disconnect your phone.

Thats all

Press volume Up and Power same time to get in to CWM

Asphalt 8 Airborne Is Now Available for Free On iOS and Android

Asphalt 8 Airborne is the latest game in the Asphalt series, the game was launched some time back and have some great graphics. The Asphalt 8 Airborne is now available to download at no cost, that is for free.
The recent update not only makes the game fee, but adds alot of new cars to play with. However, the game initially went free for a small period of time, but now it is available for free throughout. This game sure do have some great graphics so that users can enjoy the game play, and after this game being free this can certainly be a must to have game in your smartphone. There’s also new limited time Cup events which will let you earn credits, upgrades and exclusive cars, and a new multiplayer World Series with 7 reversed tracks and improved matchmaking. Of course of you want more, you have to make some in game purchases but the game itself is available for free.

Go to Play store and GET IT NOW!!

How to THEME u r Android DEVICE without Custom Rom

Okey People NOW you can THEME your ANDROID device just by simple ROOTING.

1. Download and install Xposed framework HERE.or DIRECT DOWNLOAD
 (Latest Xposed Framework V 2.3.1 UUpdate after installing))
2. Download and install Xtheme engine Here.or Direct Download
3 .Download and install(In Internal Memory) any theme from HERE
4. Open Xposed installer click "Install/Update".

5. Click "Modules" Tab and enable "XThemeEngine".

6. Click XThemeEngine and select "Choose theme".

7. Choose "Any Theme" and "click apply theme".
8. Soft reboot.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Top ten things you need to do after buying your ANDROID DEVICE (MTK 6589)

1. Root and Custom Recovery:

 Obviously. This would the first step anyone has to do. For those who don’t know what is rooted phone and recovery partition, you could to the link for more info. But any mediocre or pro android user would consider this as the “mother” step towards modifying your device. Recovery is something you will require for and ever.PS : While installing Recovery, I would recommend all of you to go for TWRP rather than CWMhttps://www.facebook.com/.../558341834230101...

2. Backing up your Stock ROM : 

Wondering what a ROM is ? Well to keep it simple it is somewhat like the OS of your comp. Once you have your Recovery Installed. The first thing you have to do is BACKUP your Stock ROM. This Backup will be helpful if you damage your device(software) or what is usually called as soft bricked your phone. This Backing up of your ROM is also called NANDRIOD BACKUP.https://www.facebook.com/.../558341834230101...


Well this had to be the third. CUSTOM ROM are basically modified ROM. They have many goodies pre installed. There are many CUSTOM ROM available in this forum. . How To: Just go to thread of any custom rom and you will find the instructions HERE

4. Modding or Modifying ROM : 

This is also a very nice feature. Here we basically edit the ROMs internal stuff to our own choice so as to make it better. XOLO Q800 is an awesome mobile, but in one this i.e. MUSIC … it has let down. But well not to worry. Many MODs have been uploaded to improve music, display, performance etc.


5. Minor Tweaking:

 Here you basically change and uninstall some crappy system apps and other unwanted stuff. I found two apps perfect for thisTitanium Backup (Pro) Android Tweaker (Pro)

6. Root Access Browsing and Exploring: 

Well this is one of the main feature of rooting. You can access to the root of your phone. By doing this you can change your boot animation, boot sound, default font, Edit BUILD.prop ( This is very common while modding .. Google it for more info)etc. For this you need root explorer APP : Root Explorer :https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai...orer&hl=en – PAID Root Browser : https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai...free&hl=en

7. Apps and Data backup : 

Well this is very common backup. It is basically copying all your files,apps and their data ,so that you can recover later .. Well undoubtedly the ultimate app for this is TITANIUM BACK UP (root req) and even there is one more app MY BACKUP (root not necessary) . 


These are just for general day to day purpose.• Adobe Reader• Avast Antivirus• All-in-one Tollbox• Android Tweaker Pro• Battery Doctor • Beautiful Widgets• BusyBox pro• Camera Pro • Chrome• File Expert Pro / ES File Explorer :http://android.appstorm.net/roundups/uti...r-android/ • Flash Light• Lucky patcher• Mobile Care by IObit• MX video player • Nova Launcher / Holo Launcher• Office Suite Pro• Poweramp (Music Player) / Walkman / Rocket Music Player Pro

Root Explorer / Root Browser + ROM manager (pro) 
• SuperSu Pro (Obviously it is there in every rooted phone..)• Tapatalk 2• Teminal Emulator • Zooper Widget 

9. Volume Increase:(Xolo, Lava and MTK 6589 Only)(It may or May not work).

Dial *#443366# on stock dail paid and follow this trick to increase volume http:///.../THAT’S IT FOR NOW.. THIS IS JUST MY OPINION .. AND MY IDEA .. IT MAY VARY FROM ONE PERSON TO OTHER..

[ROM]JB 4.2.1 Baidu Unlimited ROM

Hey I bring to you all a NEW ROM ffor Lava Iris 504Q ..
Its PORTED from Baidu Redefined ROM

Build on baidu os from china i bring you a superb rom modified according to your daily needs

-Built on baidu base
-Customizable themes n lock screens
-Tonnes of themes available for free
-No chinese apps
-Integrated Google apps
-Super smooth
-Xperia launcher and widgets
-Xperia media apps
-Xperia Walkman as default player
-Xperia sketch app
-Viperfx integration
-Chrome as default browser
-No app crashes
-Superb camera
-Stable OpenGL ES 2.1 libraries
-3G SIM Switch(Not Sure plz TRY and Let us Know)

Flashing Instructions:- NOTE:- READ ALL TILL END

Download the rom and place it in sd card
Goto recovery 
Wipe cache, dalvik cache, system, Formt System
Install the ROM
Wipe cache/ Dalvik cache


1. XPERIA LAUNCHER shown as crashed on 1st boot. DONT WORRY JUST PRESS CLOSE.

2. Notification toggles stop responding sometimes.
FIX: just press n hold them for a second or reboot itll go away

Download Links:-



                MIUI V5 FOR IRIS 504Q Me

Hi Friends,
Here i present you my another rom for lava iris 504q!
Today i finally i ported MIUI V5 for Lava Iris 504Q.. 

How To Flash :-
( You Can Take CMW Backup for Revert back to your old system )

1) Download Rom.zip File
2) Put into External/Internal SD Card
3) Go To CMW Recovery
4) Wipe Data/Factory Reset And Wipe Partition
5) From Advance Menu Do Dalvik Catch Clear
6) Go in Mount And Storage select FORMAT SYSTEM
7) Select Intall From SD and Select File And Click YES
9) Select Rom.zip And Select YES
10) Enjoy

Please Wait for about 5-10 Minutes in the first BOOT!



Build from Aug 2 official . so change log u can check here http://en.miui.com/thread-6172-1-1.html

-Many Pre installed apps

What's Working :

I can see everything is working, but you can see what not working for you
Dual SIM
Touch To vibrate
Capacitive Lights

Not working/ Bug :

SMS notification not working

Please Hit Thanks(HERE) and consider for Donation...It really takes lot of time and Efforts..!!!

[ROM]Iris_Canvas Turbo ROM-JB 4.2

Iris_Canvas Turbo ROM

This ROM is for lAVA iRIS 504q and it is based on Upcoming Micromax Canvas Turbo A250 Stock ROM

-Stock Features of Turbo
-Not Rooted plz Root if u want.(super su app added)
-Zipaligned APK
-Busybox Installed
-More Gesturees
- Proximity Unlock
- Proximity Camera Snap
=> More Floating Apps
- Floating Messaging App
- Floating Phone
=> New Icons
=> New Cool Boot Animation
=> New Camera App
=> Better RAM Management
=> BBM Integrated

Note:- If u have ROOT issues plz re root again using Framaroot or Fast boot method on our MAIN xda Thread!

Note2:- Camers has 5 Mpxels max in settings and AUTO FOCUS not working.. Trying to increase it to 8mpx maybe ll give Camera update.!

How to Flash:

1. Download the ROM ZIP file.
2. copy the ZIP file to root of your Sd-card.
3. reboot in CWM recovery mode.
4. Select "Wipe data/factory reset" --> then select "yes"
5. Select "Wipe cache partition" --> then select "yes"
6. Select "advanced" --> Select "wipe dalvik cache" --> then select "yes" --> then go back
7. Select "mounts and storage" --> "format /system" --> then select "yes" --> then go back
8. Select install zip from sdcard --> choose zip from sdcard --> then select ZIP file
9. after it completes flashing/installing, just go back & reboot!!
10. If it asks to ROOT select YES and REBOOT.
it will take some time for booting the first time,so please have patience.

NOTE:- Flash at your OWN RISK.I am not responsible for any DAMAGE caused. Take CWM BACKUP.

Download Links:-


[ROM] Iris_Xperia JB 4.2.2 UPDATED

Iris_Xperia Rom  JB 4.2.2 CUSTOM ROM


Features List:-

-> Android 4.2.2
Original Xperia C Port
-> Xperia C Lockscreen
-> Xperia Small Apps
-> Xperia Themes
-> Xperia Launcher
-> Xperia Movies
-> Xperia Albums
-> Xperia Wallpapers
-> Xperia Walkman
-> Xperia Calculator
-> Xperia Clock
-> Xperia Calender
-> Xperia Email
-> Xperia Widgets
-> Xperia Sounds
-> Xperia Bootanimation
-> Xperia Fonts
-> Xperia Framework
-> Xperia Keyboard
-> Xperia Sketch App
-> Xperia Notes App
-> Sense Me Feature
-> Downlaod Music Info
-> Xperia C SystemUI
-> Xperia C Settings
-> Annoying G Signal Removed
-> Xperia Album Share
-> Xperia Sound Enhancement
-> Xperia C Icons
-> Moto X Active Notifications
-> Adjust All Background Color to Album Art on Walkman
-> Music Control on Notification
-> Clear Bass
-> Clear Stereo
-> Clear Phase
-> Dynamic Normalizer
-> xLoud
-> Surround Sound VPT
-> Walkman Music Widget
-> Walkman DLNA
-> Friend Music FB
-> FB Music Like
-> Music Extension for find info on internet
-> Walkman More Stable
-> X-Reality Engine for Album & Movies
-> Photo & Video widget
-> Xposed Framework
-> Xposed Gravity Box
-> Xposed X-Theme Engine
-> Xposed XBlast Tools
-> Xposed Additions
-> New Baseband
-> Faster And Smoother
-> Pre-Rooted
-> busybox
-> Performance Tweaks
-> Faster Streaming
-> Net Speed Tweaks
-> No Delay In Making Call
-> Battery Tweaks
-> Proximity Tweaks
-> More RAM Free
-> Signal Tweaks
-> Better Responsiveness & Speed
-> Locked Launcher In Memory
-> Play Store 4.3.11
-> Enabled 270 Degree Rotation
-> Ziplagined and Deodexed
-> AD Block host by default
-> Gps.cofig added
-> Flashlight intensity increased

Changelog: V3
-Complete UI overhaul
-New Album from Z ultra
-New Movies from Z ultra
-New Walkman from Z ultra
-New Socialife from Z ultra
-New Keyboard from Z ultra
-New Sony Select from Z ultra
-New Supercamera v3.5.5 (with pip, photo with sound, etc)
-New X-reality engine ported
-Ultimate gaming Rom - play all games at full graphics settings with applied 4xmsaa for ultimate gaming experience with The new ---updated Open GL ES 2.1 libs
-Super smooth rom
-Better RAM management
-Chrome as default browser
-Gmail/email crash fixed
-Changable Lockscreen wallpaper
-Solves WiFi tethering
-Bluetooth pairing bug
-Makes camera quality awesome
-Fixes gallery crash on editing
-enhances x-loud and x-reality engines
-Replaces all other previously released patches

How To Flash :-

( Take CMW Backup for Revert back to your old system )

]1) Download Rom.zip File
2) Put into External/Internal SD Card
3) Go To CMW Recovery
4) Wipe Data/Factory Reset And Wipe Partition
5) From Advance Menu Do Dalvik Catch Clear
6) From Advance Menu Do Battery State Clear
7) Go in Mount And Storage select FORMAT SYSTEM
8) Select Intall From SD and Select Rom And Click YES
9) Reboot Your System
10) Enjoy

Note: After Installing the ROM, Launch the Keyboard Light Controller app > Check "Lock on bklight" > Check "Only when screen on"

Download Link V2 
Download V2(Updated)

Hit Thanks on XDA(LINK) for my Hard Work and Enjoy!!

Iris Extreme for Lava Iris 504q THE ULTIMATE ROM!

Iris_Extreme ROM not a port.

Made from scratch and based on stock ROM.. Took lot of time and hardwork so please support me!.
More Than 620 MB RAM FREE!!~~~


V2 Change Log:-

- 4 x 6 grid.
- Reduced MARGINS (create more space)
- reduced icon and font size
- reduced spacing between items on screen (makes it look better)
- touch wiz weather widget.
- fully arranged app drawer with perfect spacing.
-Wi-Fi Bug FIXED
-Stock Launcher (Not removed for safety)
-Bravia 2
-Buil.prop tweaks
- Adjust All Background Color to Album Art on Walkman
- Music Control on Notification
- Visualizer
- New Walkman From Xperia Z 
- New Soundenhancement Xperia Z
- Clear Audio+
- Clear Bass 
- Clear Stereo
- Dynamic Normalizer
- ClearPhase 
- xLoud 
- Surround Sound VPT
- Walkman Music Widget
- Friend Music FB
- Music Extension for find info on internet 
- Walkman More Stable 
- Audio+ Sound Enhancement Also Added
-Default FONTS
-mANY PRE INSTALLED apps.(Root explorer\.)
-Xopsed Framework
-Xposed Theme enging
-Gravity Box
-Moto X camera Added
--Fusion app added
-Mobile uncle tools and rebooter app REMOVED
- Stock music player removed
-JB 4.3 Live wallpaper added
-Buttery smooth experience.

Rest find out yourself!!!   

How to Flash:-

I Will Not Be Responsible For Any Brick or Any Problem.....So Flash At Your Own Risk. This ROM only flashes System & Data partitions and DOES NOT change anything else so chances of brick are 0 but still, please keep CWM Backup ready which will be used if you find issues in the ROM so that you can revert

1. Put the ZIP into the ROOT of External/Internal SD Card
2. Go to CMW Recovery
3. Wipe Data
4. Wipe Cache
5. Wipe System
6. Wipe Dalvik Cache
7. Select Install From SD (Internal or External)
8. Select the zip file and Select YES
9. If in CWM select OK
10. Wipe Dalvik cche and Cache again
12.Now Go to ADVANCE and FIX PERMITTIONS(Very Imp)
11. Reboot Your System

Knows Issues V2

WIFI Tethering Issue.

Download Link V2 OUT!!:-

Download V2 (Dev Host)




SGS4/Note 3 Lockscreen:-


Click Here

Hit Thanks SHARE My BLOG and Donate for my Hard work!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

[ROM] Pure S-Galaxy S4 Rom JB 4.2.2

Pure S-Galaxy S4 Rom J.b 4.2.2
This ROM is made for LOOKS LOOKS AND LOOKS...
Its Identical to S4. 
Only Flash it on Lava iris 504Q

V2 Change Log:-

Removed the SWAP STORAGE MOD (Now the internal and SD card will be displayed normal)
-Some minor fixes
-Latest Play Store 4.4 ADDED (It works well Personally Tested no FC's)
-Fixed screen flickering issues
-Added Bravia Engine
-Removed some apps and added some.
-Added SEEDER app (u cn use it if u feel the rom lags)
-Fly On MOD added


Samsung Galaxy S4 UI
Samsung Galaxy S4 Fonts
Samsung Galaxy S4 Dailer
Samsung Galaxy S4 Music
Samsung Galaxy S4 Alarms
Samsung Galaxy S4 Toggle
Samsung Galaxy S4 Sounds
Samsung Galaxy S4 Widgets
Samsung Galaxy S4 Bootlogo
Samsung Galaxy S4 Statusbar
Samsung Galaxy S4 Wallpaper
Samsung Galaxy S4 S Voice
Samsung Galaxy S4 Ringtones
Samsung Galaxy S4 UI Sounds
Samsung Galaxy S4 Notification
Samsung Galaxy S4 Lockscreen
Samsung Galaxy S4 Boot Sound
Samsung Galaxy S4 Framework
Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Icon
Samsung Galaxy S4 Swipe to call
Samsung Galaxy S4 Voice Unlock
Samsung Galaxy S4 Task manager
Samsung Galaxy S4 Boot Animation
Samsung Galaxy S4 AccuWeather
Samsung Galaxy S4 Swipe to message
Samsung Galaxy S4 Touchwiz launcher(badge support)
Swapped Storage MOD

Customized APPS
M Unlock
Adobe Flash Player
GPS Status Tools
Kingsoft Office
MTK A-GPS Patcher
MX Player
Init.d Scripts
Bump Feature
Super Smooth
Signal Tweaks
Battery Tweaks
Proximity Tweaks
Build.prop Tweaks
Faster Streaming
CM10.1 Calculator
Net Speed Tweaks
Performance Tweaks
Day Dream Launcher
Updated Google Play
No Delay In Making Call
Deodexed & Zipaligned
OG Youtube Downloader
Mobile Bravia Engine 3
Transparent Status Bar
Default External App Storage
Better Image & Audio Quality
Enables 270 Degree Rotation
Better Responsiveness & Speed
Based on android 4.2.2
Keyboard with swipe support
Camera-All Modes
XBlast Tools
X4 Video Player
Xposed Additions
Xposed Framework
Xposed Gravity Box
Xposed Icon Themer
Xposed App Settings
ViPER4Android FX
Lockscreen Wallpaper Change Through Gravity Box.

Note:- Please Give some time To STABLIZE the ROM..(u may feel some lags on 1st Boot let it stablize).

Download Link (UPDATED V2):-

NOTE:-Your WARRENTY is VOID now.Flash on your OWN RISK. I am Not Responsible for anything happens. Take a CWM BACKUP.!

PureGalaxy S4 V2


Motion Snap APK

Lenovo Super Cam APK

How To Flash:-

1) Download Rom.zip File
2) Put into External/Internal SD Card
3) Go To CMW Recovery
4) Wipe Data/Factory Reset And Wipe Partition
5) From Advance Menu Do Dalvik CACHE Clear
6) Go in Mount And Storage select FORMAT SYSTEM
7) Select Intall From SD Card
8) Select .zip And Select YES
9) Reboot Your System
12) Enjoy (Most Important!!!).


No Bugs!

Screen Shots

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