Tuesday, November 12, 2013

CTR v1.1 Recovery for Lava Iris 504Q (CWM TOUCH BUTTONS

New Recovery!:) :) :)
Hey guys i present to you all a new CWM based Carliv Touch Recovery for Lava itis 504Q ported by me

-Has Touch Buttons
-Has Aroma File Manager
-Based on CWM recovery.
-More oprions

How to Flash:-
1. Download and install Mobile uncle tools.
2. Device should be rooted.
3. Copy the recovery.img to u r root of SD CARD.
4. Open mobile uncle tools
5. Click on Recovery Update.
6. Choose this recovery.img
7. Done!

Note Take a CWM backup..I am not responsible for any Damages.!



Me :) (For porting and Testing it for lava iris 504q)
yuweng(Great porting tool)
carliv(Original dev)
Original thread for portingLink

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