Saturday, March 22, 2014

[GUIDE] Use more than one Whatsapp account on any Android phone!

In this Guide i will show you how to simply use more than one Whatsapp accounts on same device without any complications.What you need to do is simply just install an app named OGWHATSAPP 
which will allow you to do it.

Some features of OGWhatsApp are:-
1. You can use 2 numbers on the same device.
2. Take your data backups.

How to install OGWhatsapp?
1. Download the APP from official website HERE
2. Create Backup of current whatsapp
3. Uninstall your Whatsapp messenger.
4. Now Rename the Whatsapp folder in your SD card/ Internal SD to OGWhatsapp
5. Verify your OLD number in OGWhatsapp and NEW number in Whatsapp.

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